1. Be a best man at someones wedding.
  2. Be entrusted as godfather to someone's child.
  3. Build a media room filled with my favourite movies and posters.
  4. Buy and fill a jukebox with my favourite songs.
  5. Buy and renovate a house.
  6. Collect, scan, and present all my best photos and memories.
  7. Drive and own a Type 2 VW Bus.
  8. Fall in love and get married.
  9. Have children and watch them grow up.
  10. Learn to play piano.
  11. Learn to play the drums.
  12. Live in Colorado.
  13. Own a white Labrador puppy.
  14. Save a life.
  15. Watch my grandchildren grow.

Completed Items

  1. Attend and Graduate University.
  2. Go to America.
  3. Own a piece of original art.
  4. Fall in love.
  5. Own an impressive collection.
  6. Quit my job, book a flight and leave.

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