Get a Tattoo ✓ (Superman – by Jim Lee and Bex Lowe)

SupermanTatAnother day, another bucket list item completed. Today I did something I’ve wanted to do since I was 14 years old. I got a tattoo. Technically the first of two tattoo’s I’ve planned on getting. When I told people what I wanted, they either tried to talk me out of it or rolled their eyes. I went ahead and did it anyway… but now that I’ve had it done, you know what I regret?


In the words of a famous poet whose name I fail to recall: “Haters Gonna Hate”. Tattoos are one of the most personal things you can do, and I did it for myself and no-one else. If you don’t like it you can always stare at my ass instead of my back. I  really think it’s awesome, and I’m looking forward to the second part (I’m having Batman on the other shoulder).

The whole thing took just under 5 hours and for the first 4 hours I barely felt a thing, the most uncomfortable thing was lying on my stomach for that long. It was only in  that last hour that I started to feel any pain, and even then it was manageable. I was surprised, I really expected it to hurt. I’m such a bad ass.

The reaction to the finished result has been a lot better than expected, largely due to my amazing Tattooist Bex Lowe – of the Royal Owl Tattoo studio in Nantwich. I was lucky enough to have one of my college friends, whose art I have admired for years, go on to become an incredible tattoo artist, and she was good enough to listen to me whine about wanting this tattoo for almost a year; so I think she was probably glad to get it over and done with. When I committed to an image of Superman on my back for life, I had always expected comments like “tit” and “really?”, but I was impressed by the amount positive feedback I’ve gotten. So cheers guys, and a huge thank you to Bex for doing such an amazing job.

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